Our Ingredients & Recipes

The process of preparing our True Raw Choice recipes begins with careful quality assurance and choosing of ingredients. Our ingredients are selected at federally inspected facilities and with best effort we select “A” quality ingredients. We apply a process of lower temperature of 170 degrees dehydrating that will keep all the original nutrients, bioavailability and palatability.

True Raw Choice recipes are baked & dehydrated in small batches at a lower temperature and for a longer time period for superior nutrients, maximum quality control and to retain all the satisfying flavor and nutrition for your companion’s natural appetite.
We source all of our ingredients through our trusted network of local farmers within our facilities and regional federally inspected plants because we want A-1 meats and produce attainable for your companion.

Selecting only the best for True Raw Choice recipes goes without saying, so our products do not contain artificial preservatives, added hormones or antibiotics. Our ingredients are natural and human grade (A grade) and are single ingredients to limited ingredients.

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