Our Staff

Paul Spindler

Paul is committed to the well-being of companion pets and committed to providing local natural Canadian products with health benefits. He has over 25 years’ experience in the pet industry and is highly passionate about his work and providing top nutrition for your companion to live a healthy happy life.

Kevin Fryday

Kevin has been practicing law for over 30 years in London, Ontario and has been with the company since the start. He serves on the Board of Directors and as Legal Counsel for the Corporation.

Glen Tennison

Glen is a Chartered Accountant and serves on the Board of Directors as Treasurer for the Corporation. Glen is co-founder of Dane Creek Capital Corporation.

Julie Spindler

Julie has been with the company since day one, utilizing her skills in the areas of finance, human resource management, and quality improvement. Watching the company grow and expand operations has made this an exciting opportunity. Working along with her family is an added bonus!

Jennifer Burke

Sales Manager
Dynamic and passionate about pets, Jennifer loves working in the pet industry and has been providing exceptional customer services for over 15 years now. She was excited for the opportunity to work for a family owned Canadian company. The best part about her job is being able to take her dog Cheetah to work every day! jennifer@companionpetproducts.ca